I am passionate about PREVENTATIVE healthcare & guardian education

– lets keep our animal companions happy & healthy at home!

“Become Friends With your Vet!”

Beginner Package


To initiate me as your veterinarian we will have 3 beginner visits.

Simply book the 1st visit and we’ll go from there.


This package includes: 


1. A 30-minute meet & greet

Lots of questions & discussion

We can be playing ball, giving treats or pats as we do this

2. A 10-minute pop-by to say hello

To reinforce the fun and friendly vibes!

3. A 30-minute head to tail full thorough physical examination

And we will create a health plan.


= $199

Pensioner 10% discount

General 30 minute consultation fee = $95

Rechecks = $45


Service List includes but is not limited to:

General Health Checks, Behavioural Consults, Dental Checks,

New Puppy and Kitten Health Check, Eye and Ear Assessments,

Skin Allergy Management, Administering Medication, Lameness Examinations,

Neurological Examinations, Nutritional Advice, Nail Clipping,

Heartworm/Tick/Flea & Intestinal Parasite Control, Anal Gland Expression,

Wound Management, Senior Pet Care