My Pet Friends


For EVERY animal I meet, I know we could become the best of friends! I love getting to know each and every animal’s individual personality. Like with people it takes trust and acceptance for their true nature to shine.



My past petminds in Bermuda and Sydney have included:

vet chloe sydney

Sid”, a 10 year old cat who I would describe as a quiet and timid chap. He gets comfort in his set routine (and food!).

Socks”, a saucy and adventurous kitty who loves playtime!

Piper”, “Parsley” & “Thyme”, a FULL of energy Jack Russel Terrier who needed his twice daily walks and two sweet bunnies who appreciated their run-around time and lots of fresh green vegetables.

Rosie”, “Kira”, “Teeney & Tiny”, a 5 month old super friendly Portugese Water Dog. She enjoyed being trained and learning tricks but not so much her bath time… We had fun together! Also in the family a slinky kitty and two miniature turtles who have their tank cleaned regularly.

Muffin”, an elderly Yorkshire Terrier with a funny personality.

Chilli”, a 1 year old labradoodle who loves and needs company. She was grateful for being able to stay in her own home.

Bowie”, a 6 month old labradoodle pup always eager to play.

Geisha” and “Kaly”, two middle-aged cats who enjoyed pats but only on their terms(!). Having a clean litter trays and food on time was important to these creatures of habit.