#030 Beekeeping With Spencer Field

#030 Beekeeping With Spencer Field

And on today’s episode, during my recent trip home to Bermuda, I interview an old friend, Spencer Field. Spencer set up his beekeeping 🐝🐝🐝 and maintenance service “Passion Fields” on the island a few years ago and has done an incredible job in helping the island’s bee population and the natural world it supports 🍃🌸🌻. The health of bees has been under threat and besides producing delicious honey they are essential to the pollination of plants and flowers. We should all know more about this fascinating and important insect! Spencer has a wealth of knowledge on the topic and a holistic approach. Listen in as we have a chat on all things bees…


*Spencer Field’s Instagram: @passion.fields


*”Bermuda Beekeepers Association” on Facebook

*Varroa mites > www.beeaware.org.au

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