#018 Collaborative Conservation With Emma Coates

#018 Collaborative Conservation With Emma Coates

And on today’s episode let’s have a chat about Collaborative Conservation with Emma Coates, an environmental biologist who has worked for many years for the Australian Government on projects to safeguard our natural world. Take a sneak peak behind the scene to learn more on the commendable work she and others have done…

LINKS to ALL the different wildlife and conservation recommendations… Happy exploring! 😄

*WildEyre > www.wildeyre.com.au

*NatureMaps > https://data.environment.sa.gov.au/NatureMaps/Pages/default.aspx

*Greening Australia > www.greeningaustralia.org.au

*Wilderness Society > www.wilderness.org.au

*The Nature Conservancy > www.nature.org

*Australian Wildlife Conservancy > www.australianwildlife.org

*Animals Australia > www.animalsaustralia.org

*Birdlife Australia > www.birdlife.org.au

*WIRES  > www.wires.org.au

*SAVEM > https://sites.google.com/savem.org.au/savem

*Friends Of Parks > www.friendsofparkssa.org.au

And remember to Google your local National Park’s name and the buzz word “management plan” to find out more about it 😉


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