#014 An Indigenous Australian Perspective With Brendon Cook

#014 An Indigenous Australian Perspective With Brendon Cook

I cannot explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Australia without getting the Indigenous Australian perspective on it all, there is much we can learn! The Indigenous Australians have been here in Australia for >60,000 years, the oldest continuous culture on the planet(!!!). Listen in as I have a candid chat with a new friend I made Brendon Cook, a local Indigenous Australian whose tour I did in his land, the Wakthuni Community just outside of the mining town Tom Price. We spoke about his history, the issues with Native Title, why he prefers the term Indigenous instead of Aboriginal and more on the Indigenous way of life and advise on how we can look after the land. I think this is the most precious podcast episode yet. I hope you enjoy…




Above: smoothed out grinding rocks which Indigenous women would have worked to crush and make food, archaeologists say this could be the first evidence of people making bread.


Above: Evidence of a rock used as a tool for cutting and a rock engraving – do you see the kangaroo outline???

Above: Brendon showing me his sacred flower. There is a wonderful connection Indigenous people have with the land.

It was an absolute pleasure and honour to learn, share and understand more on the Indigenous Australian perspective with Brendon.

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