#006 Fitting Out “Layla” The (Converted) Van With My Bro Oliver!

#006 Fitting Out “Layla” The (Converted) Van With My Bro Oliver!

Meet the person that helped me plan, create and build “Layla” 🌺 the (converted) van and now travel and live in her! 🚙🌈🙌🏽 We’ll take you behind-the-scenes for the van conversion process with my one and only very special (big) little brother Oliver. “Welcome to the show Bro!!!!!!!” 😄

***if on the Podcast App, photos of the final product can be seen on the website vetchloe.com or Insta @vetchloe***

***pics of the van fit out stages can be seen on Insta @vetchloe***


Above: Oliver showing Layla’s dimensions. Is the van small or Oliver big?!?!?


Above: Such a cosy and comfy spot. The nets hang all our clothes. Everything has it’s place, even the pot of sugar.


Above: Our kitchen/bathroom area. It is awesome to have running water through a foot pump. Do you like the splash-back I made out of pebbles and shells from the beach down South and rocks from Namibia? It is rewarding to make your home uniquely yours.


Above: Monitor for checking on the battery system and storage (85% full charge with still 221 AH of battery and 2.47amps coming in through the solar panels). We love our dimmer switch 😄.

Above: Storage drawers, got to have them! Vet notes take up a fair portion 😜

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