#004 Australian Native Animals In Byron Bay With Wendy Bithell

#004 Australian Native Animals In Byron Bay With Wendy Bithell

Do you want to meet some of Australia’s amazing and unusual native animals??? Since you couldn’t be there to join me on my “Wildlife Safari” in Byron Bay with the wonderful Wendy Bithell listen in as we debrief on all the incredible animals we saw and learn more about them and their unique habitats.

For more about Wendy and her work check out her website > www.visionwalks.com and her Insta @visionwalks which showcases her fabulous wildlife photography. And stay tuned with her upcoming adventure on www.naturenerd.com.au. We will have to stay in touch and I wish her all the best!

As follow up to some of the things we discussed!

*The documentary “The Bentley Effect”, the story of a social movement  > www.thebentleyeffect.com

*Article on the 1979 Terania rainforest logging protests > https://www.echo.net.au/2018/02/historic-environmental-protests-remembered/

***photos referenced can be seen on the website www.vetchloe.com or Insta @vetchloe***

Above pics of some of the animals we saw (from left to right going down: koala, red-necked wallaby, Eastern gray kangaroo joey, pademelon, grey-headed flying fox, galah). More pics on the Insta “Vet Chloë”!

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