#002 Learn About Solar Panels With Stratton Hatfield

Learn About Solar Energy With Stratton Hatfield

#002 Learn About Solar Panels With Stratton Hatfield


Have you ever wanted to understand solar energy better? Well Stratton Hatfield is just the person for us! He is a fellow Bermudian and one of my dearest and oldest friends. He is a multi-talented, passionate change-maker particularly to do with social and environmental change. He has been working at BE Solar, a fourth-generation, 80 year old Bermudian company dedicated to providing the highest quality solar and energy efficiency solutions. In today’s episode we talk about solar energy as well as his other creative projects such as We Are Now (in collaboration with Nicola Muirhead) and PechaKucha. Other interests and projects of Stratton’s can be found on his website: strativist.com.

***Since our interview Stratton has received the Chevening Scholarship to study for a Masters in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design for a year in London starting in September. He certainly is the man for it and I wish him all the best of luck. The world shines brighter with Stratton in it!***

                  ***photos referenced can be seen on the website www.vetchloe.com***

Above: Stratton and his green thumb  > Me & Strat as little kidlets 😊

             Above: Strat teaching solar energy to local Bermuda schools > Strat hosting a PechaKucha evening

          Above: Stratton showing us his “Yart” (coined term for yard art!), handmade concrete sculptures of Bermuda fauna for interior and exterior spaces. They are exquisite!                   

Above: The Yart installation of a Bermuda loquat leaf Stratton gifted me for “Layla” the van. She made it safely all wrapped up in bubble wrap from Bermuda and survived all the movement with the van renovation work. I LOVE it!!! Looks spectacular. To see more of Stratton’s Yart work, look up his Insta #yartbystrativist.

In addition to our interview, a recent article in the local Bermuda newspaper has Stratton talk to “Ask Heather Chilvers Real Estate” about the steps to take before you get solar – to learn more have a read on how to be more energy efficient here.

A bit more about Stratton Hatfield > Stratton holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Industrial Design Degree and completed his studies at the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2009. While living in Bermuda, Stratton has been appointed as an advisory member of the Bermuda Government Sustainable Development Roundtable in addition to other government boards such as the Bermuda Arts Council.



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