Hi, I’m Chloë!

Haha first things first, I have a funny accent! 🙃 Where am I from!?! I’m from Bermuda, born and raised (Above: outside my island home with our family dog “Cleo”). A good proportion of us 65,000 Bermudians are sprinkled around the globe… After boarding school in the UK I came to Oz for vet school (best decision, ADORE Australia!) as there are no universities on our mid-Atlantic subtropical island. I went to the University Of Sydney and after years of hard work(!) graduated from Veterinary Science in 2011.


I became a veterinarian out of a strong passion to care for animals & their humans! Animals bring such comfort and inspiration and I believe forming a friendship with an animal is one of the great joys of life✨. I respect the human-animal bond and am humbled to serve our animal friends every day.


Since graduating I have worked at two permanent full-time vet jobs both in Australia and Bermuda before starting my own veterinary locum business “Vet Chloë” in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 2016. (“locuming” is temporarily filling the position of a permanent member of staff = for holiday/maternity/sick leave.)

Since locuming I have worked for >40 different veterinary practices, many being repeat clients ranging from the odd day to 6 month locums across cities and regional areas within Sydney and around the country (NSW, QLD, WA, SA, Tas, when I did my big #lapofoz in my converted van Layla for ~9 months in 2018/2019). I have absolutely loved this type of veterinary work which has given me a HUGE breadth of knowledge and skills.


My career evolution is to now work directly with YOU the Animal Owners with “Vet Chloë” being a home visit vet business based in the beautiful Northern Beaches! I am highly motivated to focus on PREVENTATIVE healthcare (I see well intentioned Owners doing the wrong practices at home all too often!). I want to educate and keep you away(!!!) from seeing us vets unnecessarily. I want to help support all that is entailed in ensuring your furry/feathering/scaley loved one thrives & enjoys a happy and healthy life. ❤️


Besides my passion as a vet I love yoga, getting out into nature, wildlife conservation, roasting marshmallows and catching waves!

vet chloe bondi