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Dr. Chloë Kempe BVSc


Currently relocating from Sydney to within Australia (very exciting & up in the air as to where at the moment!). I will be visiting home in Bermuda 23rd November 2021 – 4th January 2022… Watch this space!


*Sharing a friendship with an animal is one of life’s great joys*

Home Visits

With all the tricks of the trade, why stress your pet when a friendly and capable veterinarian can come to you? It is a more enjoyable and thorough experience for everyone!

Dog Training & Behaviour

Health is more than just physical! It includes emotional wellbeing & the seamless integration of our animal companion into the family too. If you have any training or behavioural concerns please let me know. My approach as a vet is holistic.


I am passionate about educating owners on PREVENTATIVE healthcare. I also like to get the kids involved! From my experience many health problems can be avoided.


Worried about going away as to who will look after your furry/feathery/scaley loved one? I totally understand the stress. Please reach out and I may personally be able to help out!

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