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Dr. Chloë Kempe BVSc

*With A Focus On Preventative Healthcare*

Home Visits


With all the tricks of the trade, why stress your pet when a friendly and capable veterinarian can come to you?

Puppy School/Dog Training


Behavioural issues are all too common and can impact on you and your pets health and wellbeing. Get in touch to find out more!



Worried about going away as to who will look after your furry/feathery/scaley loved one? Coming soon is a “Vet Chloë ” local petminding network amongst neighbours.



I love to stay in touch with my pet loving community!

Veterinarian Locum

I love being a vet locum and started my own veterinarian locum business Vet Chloë in November 2015. I have since served >12 different veterinary hospitals in the Sydney and mainly Eastern Suburbs area.


“Ensure your precious pet with a trusted vet!” I provide a petminding service so that pet owners can enjoy their holidays knowing their furry loved one is being well looked after by a caring vet at home. Have no worries!

Wildlife Work 

Helping to protect the world’s wildlife is my main passion and dream! Follow me as I start the adventure…

My Other Interests

Empowering young girls, educating children on animal care, promoting responsible bunny ownership (Bermuda Rabbit Society) and getting creative with my beach anklets (“Bermuda To Bondi”) are among my other interests!


How can I help?


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch