#019 Roo Rescuing With Kym Haywood & Esther Krahge

#019 Roo Rescuing With Kym Haywood & Esther Krahge

And on today’s episode meet two incredibly dedicated kangaroo carers Kym Haywood and Esther Krahge and the work they do for the 12 (and counting…) kangaroos at Kym’s house, the “Pumpkins Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary”. These ladies are the real McCoy when it comes to being roo Mamas, incredibly inspirational with their unsung service and I would love for you to meet them…

*”Kangaroo” the movie > https://kangaroothemovie.com

  • Sally
    Posted at 22:17h, 16 February Reply

    Great to learn that these Roos are getting so much care. These two should get an award for their selflessness and devotion to rescuing them. I hope they do get subsidized for a bigger plot of land, especially as this State forbids Roos in captivity to be released into the wild again. Back-up, guys, or mates!?! . We have something similar here in the UK with a hedgehog sanctuary near to us. Hedgehogs, like kangaroos, are vulnerable to getting hit by vehicles.

    • vetchloe
      Posted at 11:56h, 20 February Reply

      Yes these two are superstars! Hoping they get more support too as the need for roo sanctuaries is there. Interesting to learn about the UK hedgehog. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jackie stevenson
    Posted at 06:26h, 17 February Reply

    What a wonderful sanctuary for rescued kangaroos these women are providing. I hope they get the money to expand because the need is obviously there. Thank you Chloe for introducing us to the human side of the iconic Australian kangaroo..

    • vetchloe
      Posted at 11:53h, 20 February Reply

      Yes a wonderful sanctuary indeed! Hoping they get the support they need too. Glad you learnt more on the amazing roo!!!

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