#012 Animal Catching Antics With Andrew Ucles

#012 Animal Catching Antics With Andrew Ucles

And on today’s podcast would you like to meet Andrew Ucles!?! 🍃 If you haven’t already, check out his amazing barehanded animal catching videos on YouTube! 😀 I have been following his antics for the last 6 years and while here in the Northern Territory I got the pleasure of meeting him and going on his “Ucles Wild Tours”. Andrew is as genuine as he comes across on the screen and will make you laugh and learn! Tune in to find out more…

AND FOR THE FIRST TIME(!!!) I have the video of this interview here if you would like the full experience of sitting down with us and having a chat in the atmospheric setting of the Coorroberee Tavern >

Oodles more pictures shared on Insta “Vet Chloë” or in the website gallery tab!



www.ucleswildtours.com The tag line does not lie! “The wildest experience you will ever have!”

Asian Palm Civet > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_palm_civet

Natalie Portman’s speech at the 2017 EMA Awards > http://www.evolvingbeings.com/post/gratitude-for-positive-change-public-figures

BELOW: One of Andrews Youtube hit videos > “Catching Wild Rabbits Using Snakes BAREHANDED” One of many phenomenally talented and entertaining videos!!!

  • jackie Stevenson
    Posted at 02:49h, 26 September Reply

    A wide ranging and interesting conversation. What a dynamic and unique character Andrew Ucles is! Let’s hope he gets a tv contract in the near future.

    • vetchloe
      Posted at 08:55h, 26 September Reply

      Yes absolutely! He certainly has a lot of talent and character to fit the bill. Remember to try and watch “Face The Beast” on the History Channel coming up in the next couple of weeks for his first 2 x pilots 🤞🏽

  • Sally Simons
    Posted at 21:11h, 30 September Reply

    Excellent! I found this very interesting (I did listen in two parts) and will definitely be following Andrew as he seems so wise as well as curious and adventurous! I have now subscribed and have a podcast app as I really want to help!

    • vetchloe
      Posted at 00:42h, 03 October Reply

      Fabulous Sal! Yes this was my longest chat yet… 😆 Glad you also enjoyed it. XXX

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