Meet Chloë

Hi, I’m Chloë!

I am an adventurous island soul from Bermuda (my home neighbourhood above)! I became a veterinarian out of a strong passion to care for animals (and their humans!). Animals bring such comfort and inspiration and I believe forming a friendship with an animal is one of the most precious life experiences we can have. I respect the human-animal bond and am humbled to serve our animal friends every day.


I was lucky to come to Australia for vet school at the University of Sydney over 10 years ago. I worked at two permanent fulltime vet jobs both in Australia and Bermuda before starting my own veterinary locum business in Sydney in November

2015. I have loved the flexibility and independence of veterinary locum work (covering other veterinarians holidays!) and plan to make it support my wildlife dreams!


If you knew me well you’d know I ADORE rabbits, have a keen interest in wildlife conservation, love riding my scooter in sunny Sydney, roasting marshmallows by the campfire and catching waves!


The purpose of this website is to have a simple platform to connect with people on what I do and what I have an interest in. I hope you enjoy!

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